What is a mobile display ad and where does it show up?

We realize that not everyone in the world knows exactly what a mobile display ad is, so we thought it’d be a good idea to take a minute to lay some groundwork.  Consider it a refresher if you’re already “in the know”.  And if you’re not, then welcome.


A mobile display ad is an advertisement that appears on mobile devices, primarily on smartphones and tablets.  Usually they look something like this:



Mobile display ads exist on a variety of mobile websites and apps…you may have seen them on your favorite mobile game (Solitaire never gets old!).   You won’t, however, see mobile display ads on Facebook, Twitter or any other app that has its own ad network – that’s where you’ll see “Sponsored Ads”.  If you’re on the lookout, you will see these types of ads at the top, bottom or even middle of your screen.  Like so:



And that’s what a mobile display ad is.


If you want to find out more about how CraveLabs is bringing mobile display ads out into the open, and allowing our customers to buy those ads in the specific geographic area they want, then check out DropIn.

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Thanks, Crave-Labs. Keep up the good work!
Posted on 9/2/14 8:28 PM.