Leading car rental company reaches employees on corporate campuses.


This short-term rental car company aimed to boost awareness and drive signups through their company-specific landing pages.

DropIn platform features used:

Real-time mobile ads - reach employees on the mobile apps and sites used every day, such as Weatherbug, TuneIn Radio, and MyFitnessPal.


Automated creative and ad versioning - relied on DropIn's automated ad unit, with location-specific messaging and rendered in real time with each impression served.


Location-precise targeting - geo-fenced corporate campuses to reach relevant employee audience.- geo-fenced corporate campuses to reach relevant employee audience.


Custom audience segments - built custom employee audience segment throughout campaign and continued to reach same audience beyond the workplace - at home, while transiting, and during travel.

Third-party data input - measured lift in signups using data from app analytics provider.

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