DropIn Vantage Brings Enhanced Visibility to Audience Segments with LiveRamp Partnership

BOSTON—February 26, 2018 -- CraveLabs (www.cravelabs.com) DropIn Vantage Location Intelligence Platform includes industry-leading data partners and data marketplace features.  In partnership with LiveRamp®,  an Acxiom® company (NASDAQ: ACXM) and leading provider of omnichannel identity resolution, DropIn Vantage allows media analysts and campaign planners to explore and manipulate audience segments through the lens of location and place.  Through this partnership, consumers will experience more contextually relevant digital messages from brands.

DropIn Vantage tools activate audience segments with enhanced forecasting, execution and attribution capabilities by leveraging the combination of location intelligence and people-based marketing.  DropIn Vantage allows the people-based audiences created using LiveRamp’s IdentityLink™ solution to be mapped to the physical world, enabling media analysts and campaign planners to explore data and forecast the geographic footprint of campaigns.

LiveRamp’s IdentityLink solution resolves data to a privacy-safe, consumer identifier leveraged by hundreds of brands and technology platforms for people-based marketing.

DropIn Vantage is integrated with LiveRamp’s IdentityLink and the IdentityLink Data Store feature, allowing marketers to automatically send 1st-party or 3rd-party data segments directly to DropIn Vantage. Once distributed to DropIn Vantage, users can immediately visualize geographic distribution of data segments, forecast the subset of identified mobile devices within a geofence, or include segments in persona analysis for attribution or campaign execution.


About CraveLabs

CraveLabs is a software company, specializing in the application of mobile, real-time-location intelligence. Based in Boston, the company continuously monitors more than a billion discrete locations worldwide with its proprietary technology, allowing it to generate analysis on more than ten trillion data points per month.

Its software platform, DropIn, uses location data to monitor locations and deliver ads at a time and place when customers are more likely to engage. To date, DropIn DSP/DMP has delivered ad campaigns to over 300,000 precision targeted locations for brands big and small.  CraveLabs works with Fortune 500 media companies, consumer brands and urban development firms on location-based solutions that span from customer intelligence to urban planning.


About LiveRamp

LiveRamp offers brands and the companies they work with identity resolution that is integrated throughout the digital ecosystem, and provides the foundation for omnichannel marketing. Our services transform the technology platforms used by our clients into people-based marketing channels that improve the relevancy of marketing, and ultimately allow consumers to better connect with the brands and products they love. LiveRamp is an Acxiom company, delivering privacy-safe solutions to market and honoring the best practices of leading associations including the Digital Advertising Alliance's (DAA) ICON and App Choices programs. For more information, visit www.LiveRamp.com.

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